We have 2 presentations that will fill you with flavor and you can take them with you wherever you go.


Snack Keto Cereal


Delicious cereal practical to take with you wherever you go, either to the gym or school or just to eat on the go, with 19g of Protein and only 3g of Carbohydrates will give your day a great start.


Keto Chocolate Bars


Semi-sweet Chocolate Bars with sugar-free protein that you can share with your friends or take with you wherever you go, ideal for those active people who require a healthy and nutritious Snack.


Among its main benefits are:


      - 12 gr of Protein.

      - 2 gr of carbohydrates

       - 0% Sugar.

       - No Artificial Flavorings.

       - No Artificial Coloring.

       - No Preservatives.



How many times have you wanted to eat a healthy snack? Because we know you care about your health we bring you a super fun Snack that thinks about you and your way of sharing with your friends, you can go to that meeting and bring them a Snack that will not cause you guilt. We have 3 presentations that will fill you with flavor and best of all, it provides a lot of protein.


Cheddar Cheese Flavored Snack

Accompany your day with a delicious Cheddar Cheese Snack with 19g of Protein and only 2g of Carbohydrates that will make that meeting a lot of fun.


Nachos Falavored Snack

We know you're looking for a unique snack with a touch of Mexican spice, that's why we bring you this fun mix of flavors that will make your mouth party.


Fuego Flavored Snack

Soft mix of ingredients thought in the spicy tolerance that for many people is important, this Snack has a slight touch of spicy but without losing the flavor of its other ingredients, you can mix it with any other of our Snack's and you will see how tasty it is.