#No Guilt

Our country suffers like never before seen in its history, a problem of public health related to obesity in both adults and children. Diabetes type 2 and related heart disease. One of the main reasons we suffer from these issues, is a terrible diet, excess consumption of sugars, fats (specifically trans), and products with a low or null nutrition contribution.


Due to all the above, in Zenzero, we have decided to develop foods that can, as well as be delicious, meet our 3 primary pillars, which are: “0 sugar”, low fat, and 100% natural. Added to this, we have gone through  great additional effort to offer in each one of our foods, additional benefits. Such as probiotics, gluten-free products, lactose-free, vegan products, with protein, collagen amongst much more.


We work every day to change the standard of diseases related to obesity and excessive sugar and fat consumption. We will continue to innovate with our main goal of not changing what you eat, but to eat what will change you.  



Zenzero #PleasureWithoutGuilt