About Us

Zenzero is a brand that manufactures and distributes the best quality popsicles and ice creams following the principles of "0" sugar, low fat and 100% natural. We put great emphasis on quality, we have factories (in Mexico and Chile) and have HACCP certification, ISO 22000:2005 as well as Organic Certification in Chile.





Share the passion of our functional, healthy and delicious desserts and snacks with everyone.



To provide a portfolio of innovative, healthy, functional and high quality products that satisfy the needs and desires of the market.



Dignity: It is the respect we have for ourselves and others for what they are and mean as a person. 
Honesty: It is the congruence between what we say, think and do, with oneself and with others.
Respect: To coexist with other people accepting their ideas, behaviors and values in an integral way.
Responsibility: It is to allow openness so that each person, aware of what he/she is, responds in his/her actions with dignity, honesty and respect.


Food Safety

To guarantee customer satisfaction, safety, quality and security of our products, through teamwork, effective communication and continuous improvement in each of the processes carried out in Zenzero Mexico, in strict compliance with the legal provisions that regulate the management of the company.


Our Certifications

#No Guilt


Our country suffers as never before in its history a public health problem related to obesity in adults and children, type 2 diabetes and heart related diseases. One of the main reasons for this situation is poor nutrition, products with low or no nutritional intake.


For all these reasons, at Zenzero, we decided to work on developing foods that, besides being delicious, comply with our 3 main pillars which are: "0" sugar, low in fat and 100% natural. In addition to this we have made an additional effort to offer in each of our foods additional benefits in each bite such as probiotics, gluten free products, lactose free, vegan, with protein with collagen among many others.


We work every day to change the statistics of diseases related to obesity and excessive consumption of sugar and fats and we will continue to innovate seeking as our main goal that you do not change what you eat but that you eat what changes you.


Zenzero, #PleasureWithoutGuilt



Zenzero brings to you the main self-service centers where you can find our products, we try to be closer and closer to you, find the nearest point of sale to your location.


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