You no longer have to worry about dessert or stay with the desire to eat ice cream thanks to the new line of ice creams that Zenzero presents. We bring you the first ice cream made in Mexico with a delicious flavor and all the benefits of a functional, nutritious food that allows you to maintain your diet plan or eating regimen.


Among its main benefits are:

- 8 gr of Protein.

- 1 g of carbohydrates

- 0% sugar.

- 0% Cholesterol

- No artificial flavors.

- Without colorants.

- No Conservatives


Within our website, you can go to our online store and purchase any of our flavors and enjoy them freely and WITHOUT GUILT! We have the following flavors for you:

• Chocolate

• taro

• Vanilla

• Gianduia


A low-fat ice cream means that it maintains less sugar in its composition and its amount will vary depending on the type of ice cream, whether it is creamy, made from fruit pulp or with biscuits, so our ice creams maintain a high quality without sacrificing flavor. and maintaining high protein value.

Among its main benefits are:

- Low in fat

- 0% Trans Fat

- 0% Cholesterol

- 0% Added Sugar

- Very low sodium intake

- Lactose Free

- Gluten free

- Good source of Fiber